Click here for Park Player’s history

All productions
by the Park Players
are performed at the
North Rosedale Park Community House
18445 Scarsdale, Detroit, MI 48223

For tickets and information call

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Rebecca,
    This is wonderful! Players has needed this type of site for a while. Great work–Thanks. Jim

    • Rebecca said:

      Definitely the Players should have a site to tell the world about their fantastic productions such as JATD – what a beautiful show you put together!!

      Happy to help with what I can contribute! The site will improve with time. From our stats, seems people are finding the site easily in searches, so it’s good we’re here to provide the information they are looking for!

  2. Warren Jones said:

    Just left the show and it was outstanding, keep up the good works.

  3. Linda M Rankin said:

    I am a writer for the Urban Theater Magazine. A Magazine created by David Rambeau. We would like to recieve more information about your group.

    Linda M Rankin

    • Rebecca said:

      Hi Linda,

      Please see our “About” page for a phone number to get in touch with our board. They can get you anything you need!

  4. Victoria Baldwin said:

    It’s exciting to see the news about auditions. Imagine … it will soon be time to “rock and roll” once again in North Rosedale Park at our own little Community House theater! Spread the word about Hairspray if you love Park Players! (-:

    • Rebecca said:

      I am telling everyone I know about the Hairspray auditions, trying to pull in some young actors. I am sure it will be a great show!! Clayton and I will get it in the directories this week…

  5. Nicole Lockhart said:

    I am an 18 year old collge student and I just moved to North Rosedale from bloomfield and I am looking to get involved with the community. I have great confidence levels and a great personality. I was wondering if I could still be involved in the plays even if I have little experience with acting.

    • Rebecca said:

      Absolutely yes! We’re always looking for people who are willing to help out with the play productions. We have open auditions for anyone who wants to come and try out, and even if there isn’t a perfect part for you, it’s a lot of fun to help with sets, props, lighting, sound, publicity, etc. — never a shortage of things to do! We should be having auditions for our next play in August. Check back throughout the summer, too, for potlucks and get-togethers!

  6. Victoria Baldwin said:

    Since I heard on the news last night that wordpress was one of several internet sites shutting down (for a 24 hr time period is what I heard) I was very curious as to whether or not I could access Players site. Obviously, I could. So glad to see no disruption here. Now that “Urinetown the Musical” has just been cast and is in production under Sarah Hedeen’s terrific directorial-hand, people will still be able to find out about helping out backstage and/or making ticket purchases for the show (in March). Whew!

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