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Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 7.07.21 PMNathan Detroit, the infamous New York City gambler, has bet Sky Masterson that he will not be able to make the next girl that he sees fall in love with him. That girl turns out to be Sarah Brown, a prim and proper Mission gal! Meanwhile, Miss Adelaide, Nathan’s longtime fiancé, is desperate to get Nathan to the alter. The gamblers, the dancers, and the spunky do-gooders are thrown together in a charming, timeless story.


And now, the Park Players’ revival will be performed in the North Rosedale Park Community House in Detroit. For ticket reservation and purchase for this Detroit community theater show, please call 313-835-1103 or e-mail us at parkplayersnrp@gmail.com.

  • By phone: Over the phone, our ticket chair (Marcia Closson) will make payment arrangements with you either by mailed check, pick up at the door, or PayPal (with PayPal, Marcia will make parkplayersnrp@gmail.com the payee).
  • By e-mail: After requesting your seat(s) via email, Marcia will reply saying that your reservation is being held and ask for your preferred payment method – mailed check, pickup at the door, or PayPay (with PayPal, Marcia will make parkplayersnrp@gmail.com the payee).

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