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Much Ado - Detroit Park Players

Hero is devastated when Claudio threatens to call off their nuptials in the chaotic wedding scene in Act IV

We’re so excited about our November production of “Much Ado About Nothing,” and can’t wait to bring our rendition to the stage!

Here’s a note from out talented director, Carolette Phillips, to give more insight into our enthusiasm for this show.

People often think of Shakespeare as rigid or inaccessible but as audiences will soon see, it is quite the opposite! The incorporation of music and dance styles that span a variety of decades gives our production of Much Ado About Nothing an engaging, contemporary twist.  Our cast includes actors of diverse ages, backgrounds and levels of training, which really gives the show a great amount of color and a fresh outlook on the Bard’s classic.

Throughout the rehearsal process actors have worked diligently to develop unique characters and master this story in a way that allows them to bring the language to life and present a production that is creative and exciting! Our actors boldly attack the combination of comedy, drama, love, hate, jealousy and redemption illustrated throughout this production.  One of the best elements of Shakespeare’s plays is the fact that they always deal with these types of universal themes and situations.  Recognizing this closeness to our present society and circumstances makes Much Ado resonate all the more with the cast and is sure to have the same impact on the audience.

Also, this production features several actors who are new to Park Players and bring with them an incredible amount of talent and energy.  It is exciting to have them on board and witness the spirit they infuse into this production. Don’t miss what is certain to be a Shakespearian sensation!

There can be no doubt that this performance will offer something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you in the audience – Make your reservation today!