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We’re very pleased to bring you the community theater premiere of Palmer Park, by Joanna McClelland Glass. We invite you to join us as we recreate a neighborhood’s challenges and triumphs in post-riot Detroit, circa 1968.

From the Stratford Festival Playbill, 2008 – the play’s debut perrformance:

In 1967 there were riots in 59 US cities, the worst of which was “The Rebellion” in Detroit, Michigan. Over 100,000 fled the city in an exodus dubbed “white flight,” resulting in plummeting property values and students suffering in over-crowded, under-funded public schools.

In the play Palmer Park, by Joanna McClelland Glass, the upper-middle-class Palmer Park neighborhood and its highly rated Hampton School seemed to have racially integrated successfully. Two couples, one black and one white, rally the neighbors, desperately hoping to maintain the profile of their community and school. With shared camaraderie and pathos, Palmer Park explores what these neighbors had in common and reveals their differences. 

This production is sure to deliver a thought-provoking and powerful performance to the very city in which the story is based.


Fri Nov 12 • DINNER THEATER: $26

Dinner: 6:30pm; Show: 8pm • 313-835-1103 to reserve

Sat Nov 13 • NRPCA BENEFIT: $25

Refreshments: 7pm; Show: 8pm • 313-221-9746 x101 to reserve

Sun Nov 14 • MATINEE: $14 (Student/Senior $12)

2pm • 313-835-1103 to reserve

Fri Nov 19 • GRDC BENEFIT: $ 25

Refreshments: 7pm; Show: 8pm •  313-387-4732 x104 to reserve


8pm • 313-835-1103 to reserve

Sun Nov 21 • MATINEE:  $14 (Student/Senior $12)

2pm • 313-835-1103 to reserve

All performances will be held at Rosedale Park Community House, 18445 Scarsdale, Detroit, MI 48223